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Romance is our game

Romantic celebrations at Crystal Lagoon Lodge

Our latest romantic offering to make guests feel extra-special (as they should!) are chocolate-coated strawberries. These moreish delights are served as part and parcel of our rose petal turndowns. But don’t fear: if you’re not into the extravagance of rose petal turndowns, you’re free to request these as in-room treats. And boy, they’re just so […]

Your dream holiday … for less

Breathtaking sea view from Crystal Lagoon Lodge

Having your dream holiday… there are many ways to save on holiday accommodation costs. And because we at Crystal Lagoon Lodge want everyone to have a fairytale vacation after this tumultuous year, we have a few tips for you. 1. Make a direct booking Contact the establishment of choice and ask them for a discount […]

Beach please! @ crystal lagoon

Crystal Lagoon health on the beach

There’s no question about the fact that your stay at Crystal Lagoon Lodge will enrich your mind, body and soul. But here’s the thing: turns out that science also has proven that the beach benefits your mind and body. And as you know, our lodge is situated right on the water’s edge – where you […]