Our latest romantic offering to make guests feel extra-special (as they should!) are chocolate-coated strawberries. These moreish delights are served as part and parcel of our rose petal turndowns.

But don’t fear: if you’re not into the extravagance of rose petal turndowns, you’re free to request these as in-room treats. And boy, they’re just so worth it!

For those with romance on their mind, we also supply MCC – the catchy shorthand for Méthode Cap Classique (previously known as champagne), foam bath and candles.

However, romance doesn’t have to begin at sunset. Start the day with our sumptuous in-room breakfast and make a special request for a Mimosa cocktail. Yip, you’ve guessed it: Chilled orange juice, Triple Sec and MCC with mint. This should get your romantic mojo in tip-top shape. And for Operation Romance to succeed, the ambience needs to be spot-on. You sure can’t get better than the ambience at Crystal Lagoon Lodge: blue, blue sky meeting the bluest of blue ocean.

Then ditch the Barry White and play some first-class romantic music in the background. Finally, scent is right up there in kindling romance. Current research has indicated that scent is a primary factor in sexual attraction, but why that’s so remains somewhat of a mystery. Burn a scented candle, reed diffuser or incense. But take note, the fragrance has to be spot-on. Scents that serve as aphrodisiacs are vanilla or patchouli. Plus, believe it or not, cucumber and nutmeg.

A relaxing mélange of cool and fragrant white ginger blossoms and spicy yiang flowers are rated 5 stars in the romance department. Then there’s the sensual, quixotic fragrance of blackcurrant and violet. Last but not least, soft, musky and inviting wisteria and jasmine. So there you have it: you can’t go wrong with these fragrances.

Time to leave all this behind and walk off the breakfast calories. Calypso Beach just screams romance. After a leisurely hand-in-hand stroll, soaking your feet in the gentle waves and digging your toes in the sand, come and relax on Crystal Lagoon Lodge’s inviting sundeck under the mist-spraying gazebo. Order a cocktail or mocktail and talk the day away with sweet nothings.

Come evening and you’ll know just what to do to keep the romance candle burning. Oh, and don’t forget: night walks on the well-lit, camera-controlled beach and boardwalk are an absolute delight. Then rinse and repeat!