Langebaan Restaurants 

Boesmanland Plaaskombuis

Boesmanland Farm Kitchen is an informal outdoor seafood, african food and boerekos eating experience on the beach.

Contact: 022 772 1564|


A la carte menue of Greek foods, on the deck of the Club Mykonos harbour.
Contact: 022 707 7796 |

Cattle Baron

Cattle Baron Steak Ranches are renowned throughout South Africa for top quality steaks, in particular the chateau briand cooked at your table.
Contact: 022 772 0171 |

Dockside Café  

Specialises in light meals, grills and seafood.

Contact: 022 772 2241 |


Light-hearted seafood combo and cocktail vibe
Contact: 022 7721413 |

Farmhouse Hotel

Serves up hearty meals infused with West Coast culture.
Contact: 022 772 2062 |


Everything from spicy curries,  mouthwatering steaks to seafood, as fresh as can be.
Contact: 022 772 1869 |


Geelbek Restaurant stimulates all five senses when it comes to plating up West Coast and South African Cuisine
Contact: 022 772 2134 |

Oyster Catcher

Provides customers with the freshest seafood available.

Contact: 022 772 1280 |


We specialise in SEA FOODS & GRILLS, PIZZA, PASTA, COCKTAILS & the most stunning SUNSETS on the WEST COAST

Contact: 022 772 2734 |


Open air, casual restaurant, meals are served in individual courses extending over a leisurely three to four hour period.

Contact: 022 772 2490 |

A & J Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Authentic Eastern Cuisine. Chinese, Japanese and Thai Menus

Contact: 022 772 0488