Having your dream holiday… there are many ways to save on holiday accommodation costs. And because we at Crystal Lagoon Lodge want everyone to have a fairytale vacation after this tumultuous year, we have a few tips for you.

1. Make a direct booking
Contact the establishment of choice and ask them for a discount during one of their quiet times. By saving on the 15% referral commission, they’re bound to give you 10% discount.

2. Pay EFT
That means there’s no credit card charge, so request another 3 – 5% discount.

3. Get your timing right
You might not get a discount between Christmas and New Year, but try a last-minute discount. If the establishment has a room to spare, make a special offer of for instance 25% lower than the advertised rate – you have nothing to lose!

4. Dates
Couples should book special celebrations outside school holidays. Some establishments might classify these periods as midseason instead of peak season; thus a lower rate might apply. Just before and after long weekends you also might get a big discount. At Crystal Lagoon Lodge we’re aware of this lull, so take a chance on us!

The 1st half of December and the last half of January also are traditionally quieter. Celebrate and claim your breakaway at a much lower rate.

5. The 3rd night
No guesthouse owner finds it easy to replace linen every single day. Book for 2 days midweek, and ask if you stay a 3rd night whether you may have a significant discount. They’ll probably say yes. Crystal Lagoon Lodge does as a matter of fact.

6. Lengthen your weekend
Book a Friday and Saturday night and ask if you stay on for the Sunday night, whether you may have the last night at 50% discount. Crystal Lagoon Lodge will gladly accept this arrangement.

7. Sharing business people
If two business people from the same company are willing to share a room, you could request a midweek discounted tariff. So instead of paying R950 per room (R1 900 for 2), the property might give one room for both of you at R1 400.

We hope these tips will help you to have an idyllic escape at a pocket-friendly price.