Langebaan Gourmet Farmers Market

Who would have thought that a Gourmet Farmers Market would be launched so successfully and that there would be such a demand for organic products and home-made fare in the seaside village of Langebaan?

On Saturday 13 December 2008, the second Langebaan Gourmet Farmers market was held once at Longacres Wine Estate.  Visitors can expect a wide variety of fresh and seasonal products.  After the previous markets new exhibitors contacted the organizers excited to showcase their goods. 

Some of the new products include Stefan’s smoked fish, Dianne’s Turkish beer and delicious regional fresh foods and Vivienne’s mouthwatering pickled fish and mussels.  And of course previous favourites like Alta’s large variety of home-made Trekoskraal cheese, Gale’s blood-red tomatoes from Hopefield, Josephine’s sellout biscuits, Danie’s amazing biltong, Pelican nougat from Skiathos in Langebaan, and Caroline’s huge variety of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, as well as all the other winning products from the previous market will be available.

If you would like to support local and organic products (and leave a low carbon footprint!) be there bright and early on Saturdays – kindly enquire about our next date.  The market opens at 8h30 with breakfast being served all morning. 

We wish you a Gourmet Christmas and a local “lekker” New Year!  For more info contact Anneke at 083 265 9180, and visit events in

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