Responsible Tourism

West Coast Life Responsible Tourism Declaration

West Coast Life is committed to

• We encourage local involvement, using local tour guides and people to assemble some of our services.
• Marketing local products and suppliers on our website so consumers can reach them directly.
• Using recyclable materials where possible.

Health management awareness
• Providing first aid facilities for staff and guests
• Health awareness for staff as well as hygiene facilities\
• HIV/AISA awareness training
• Provide counseling for employees with health issues

Education and Training
• The Lagoon Shell craft project will encourage local people to produce their own curios  thus developing local business skills
• Coordinating various workshops and teaching the local community to be involved.

Energy management
• Training staff to shut off lights, heating and other electrical appliances if it is unnecessary to be switched on thus minimizing energy use
• Insulating most hot water pipes and geezers

• Maintaining a litter free environment
• Adopting the area in front of the tourism buildings (Calypso Beach) and ensuring a litter collection service
• Separating waste and linking with a local recycling scheme
• Recycling used cooking oil

• We provide guestroom information sheets, with water saving tips
• We load our dishwasher and washing machines before washing and we don’t do pre-wash
• Provide a L2 bottle in every toilet to minimize water waste
• We have a well established maintenance program checking for leaks and maintaining working taps etc.

Nature conservation
• Preserving the natural fynbos in front of our hospitality establishments
• Donating indigenous trees to a local community according to occupancy of guest houses
• Supporting a local West Coast wildlife program as well as drawing attention the annual wild flowers.