West Coast Culture

The west coast may be one of the safest destinations in South Africa.

West Coast language is a dialect of its own, and can be seen as more valuable than diamonds or gold.  West Coast people can come up with the most intriguing concepts and names on earth – still rich with true authentic West Coast culture.

Archaeologists think that the West Coast people were the first to inhabit earth.  Even when Europeans came to South Africa, there were already Khoi and Bushmen living here, you can still see it along the West Coast by their fascination paintings.

The numerous fishing villages along the West Coast peninsula are welcome retreats from the hectic life in the city.  Visitors are always encouraged to visit all of the small West Coast towns i.e. bokkoms in Veldrif, or experience Saldanha; the largest natural bay in South Africa, visit Vredenburg; a business and administrative centre in a nutshell or watch the sun rise and set over the same bay at St Helena Bay.

Storytelling is knotted into true West Coast traditions.  We know how to tell a story.  West Coast people are educated and compassionate, kept that way only by nature and the love they have for it.  You can see it in the eyes of the fisherman and the way that he looks out to sea, and you can see it in the way he reads the winds of change to see if it will bring rain.  West Coasters might not have Table Mountain or Robben Island or very big malls, but they have true ethnicity in their west coast existence.  Whether it is the West Coast business development centre helping entrepreneurs develop new skills, West Coast mussel farmers enthusiastically reaping the rewards of their own mussel farms thanks to the Masiza empowerment project or the enthusiastic tourists flocking to our towns for a true West Coat experience in true west coast tradition, the West Coast is filled with life.