Full Day Excursions


1. Cheese and wine excursion

Magnificent wines of the area and taste some of the cheese, which is produced locally.

We visit various places of interest along the way and some local wineries. Wine tasting is on the cards here!

2. West Coast National Park

3. Bokkom excursion

Bokkoms are harders, which are salted and strung in bunches to dry. These harders are unique in the
West Coast and are known as the “biltong of the sea”. We will travel down places like the
historical Bokkomlaan, where we will be shown how the fresh harders are cleaned, pickled and processed.
We will then be allowed to taste the specialities of this fishing community.

 4. West Coast Fossil Trail

Join us on an interesting and informative one-day tour of two or three of the fossil sites on the West Coast.   In 1958 the most significant miopliocene fossil deposit in this region was discovered at the Fossil Park 20 Km from Langebaan. Many of these fossils are large animals like early Giraffe, Giant Bear, Three Toed Horse and many others, their environment.  

Qualified guides will show you the Archaeological sites and discuss the fossils.

5. Langebaan lagoon yacht excursion

Join us on a luxury yacht on the crystal clear waters of the aquamarine
Langebaan Lagoon – one of the largest natural wonders of the World: no river flowing
into the sea… pass the islands, view the peninsula from the water, anchor in a hidden little unspoilt bay,
listen to stories about a female ostrich that swam to the island, and the male that followed….
Then you will be transported by rubberduck to the shore, leave your footprint next to the 117 000
year old one’s of Eve, view a 16-mile Beach, before you go back to the yacht to enjoy traditional
South African food, and good South African wine!

R850 pp all inclusive

6. Darling full day excursion

Join us on an exciting tour to the district of Darling. This area is steeped in history and is an
interesting place to spend a few hours.  We will visit some of the wine farms and indulge in wine
tasting at some of the cellars along the way. A short tour of the town and its museums and buildings
will precede the highlight of the evening – a visit to the world famous Peron Theater where
Pieter Dirk Uys will entertain us for a few hours, accompanied by a meal in a dining theatre atmosphere.
We will return to Langebaan in the evening after the show, which promises to be an experience not to be missed!

7. Paternoster and Cape Colombine excursion

8. West Coast Bays and Lighthouses excursion

9. Flower and Fossil excursions