Soul Truths

Crystal Lagoon Soul Truths

One of our favourite fundamental Truths: Uniqueness

‘God created each person to be different, and to deny that uniqueness lead only to pretence, not partnership…’

As visual patterns in nature are defined in a definite rhythm, we have certain preferences, intrinsic to our nature.  This uniqueness causes us to react differently on the same circumstances.  If we suppress or deny or fake differences, it is impossible to reach a level of genuine harmony.

It is only with awareness and acknowledgement of these uniqueness that respect and discipline not to hurt the other’s viewpoint can crystallize.  Successful negotiations regarding need satisfaction and the realization that both sets of patterns and principles are valid for each person, culminate in a radiant experience and a shimmering magic between two people.

Some of Crystal Lagoon Lodge’s Soul Truth quotes:

“I don’t expect you to become me, but only to lovingly reflect my colours and patterns…”

“I will reflect some of your beauty, but don’t ask me to become you…”

“You may reflect some of me (my uniqueness), but I won’t ask you to become me…”

“Your uniqueness are yours, but let some of my aroma fill you with joy!”